Monday, October 12, 2015

DIY Project NAS box

Time to start the new home project, NAS box! It will be: Reliable, Expandable, Under 400$. This is the plan, which I came up with.

Build in Intel® Celeron® Processor 1037U - has more power, than any Atom out there. It has  TDP at 17W, but, unfortunately, there are no AES-NI instructions. You will get 4 SATA ports, support up to 16GB of ram, and one PCI or PCIE for further upgrades.
Price: not more than 80$.

It will be cheaper in a long run to buy 16GB.
Price: used 75$

WD green serie will be perfect, as a starter. After that, I can add additional 2 drives, or 4 drives with expansion PCI/PCI-E card if needed.
Price: used 120$

Power Supply:
350W+ BeQuiet, Enermax, Chieftec, Fortran, etc
The most important part is certification Bronze 80+ or more.

Price: Refibrushed 30$

Old Antec, Zalman, Fractal, etc case.
Including LCD Panel and Dust filters.
Price: used 30$

16GB Sandisk
It must be small as possible. FreeNAS does not require it, I am.
Price: 7$

Total: ~340$