Monday, December 21, 2015

NAS Box - the drives

Originally I've planned to get 2x2TB, but in the end I've ended up with 3x2TB in RaidZ
I've picked: Western Digital Green 2TB EARS for 50$ each.

- low power consumption
- available from the second hand

- hard to get 3 drives at the same time.

WD20EURS - are dedicated for AV recording, they do not have error correction
WD20EARS - are often used in external HDD enclosures.

It is not possible to turn on them Advanced Power Managment, this won't work:

To reduce power consumption, I've added additional 160GB laptop drive for plugins and non-encrypted stuff. I'd wicked idea to put inside the case external USB 2.0 drive. It worked but to minimize power consumption I've connected it to the SATA port.

If you change from USB to SATA Freenas will import the Volume without problems.


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