Sunday, November 8, 2015

NAS Box - the case

 I've found old Antec case online for just 12$. It's made from quality metal and looks pretty darn good. Unfortunately, it does not have special drive bay's and is not 100% black.
I've decided to spray paint it black, and that 's 6$.
I've found 5.25 LCD display for 4$!
I've ordered dust filters from china 4$. 2x 120mm and 1x140mm. The case had no mounts so I had to improvise.
It worked really well.
Total ~26$ spent.


  • dust filters everywhere
  • 6x 3.5 drive bays
  • LCD display with temps
  • cost
  • satisfaction


  • no special drive enclosers
  • Full-size ATX


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